Can I get an estimate over the phone or by email?

Unfortunately, no. Many variables affect the cost of Smart Permanent Coatings both positively and negatively. Condition of substrate, absorption of substrate, amount of detailed work, numbers of windows, doors, columns etc all affect cost. That’s why Smart Permanent Coatings offers a completely free, no obligation inspection and estimate.

What gives Smart Permanent Coatings its lasting ability?

‘Smart Permanent Coatings’ is made up of special resins, polymers and high grade titanium dioxide that have been proven successful over the years in such applications as Highway Lines, Golf Ball Coatings, Chemical Plants as well as others.

How does the cost compare to traditional siding?

Typically mart Permanent Coatings is equal to or less than QUALITY vinyl siding.

Is Smart Permanent Coatings resistant to chemicals?

Yes. Smart Permanent Coatings resists most household chemicals.

Does your product contain vinyl or ceramic additives?

No. Our product is a mixture of high performance resins and polymers which produce a higher performance coating with extended longevity.

I have 3 homes that need to be covered. How much of a discount do you offer with volume pricing?

We do offer substantial volume discounts/rebates. Please request a free estimate and we will gladly discuss this with you.

What surfaces can Smart Permanent Coatings cover?

Although some surfaces require different preparation than others, Smart Permanent Coatings is formulated to adhere to virtually any paintable surface.

How do I find out about price?

One of our Certified consultants will actually come to your home and do a free home inspection and measurement. Upon Measuring they will give you a clear estimate on having your home or building coated with Smart Permanent Coatings. “Ballparking” our product is impossible for several reasons including, amount of windows, trim, soffits, fascia, detail work, columns, spindles, absorption of substrate etc.

How do I get a quote on Smart Permanent Coatings?

Click on ‘Free Estimate’ at the top of this page or call 1-800-SOSCOAT

Can it be installed on decking boards?

We do not apply Smart Permanent Coatings to decks or floors because it is too smooth. However, it is great for handrails and spindles.

What happens to the wood that is being covered?

Smart Permanent Coatings will make wood look newer by concealing small cracks that may have developed with age. Smart Permanent Coatings will protect the wood for years to come. Our technology allows water vapor to escape. This technology is similar to Gortex in that it breathes one way, removing moisture.

Does Smart Permanent Coatings have an R value?

Smart Permanent Coatings is designed with goal in purpose. That goal is to allow a homeowner the freedom of never having to paint their home again and to grant them a nearly maintenance free exterior. As for R value, we do not claim that our products will provide you with any higher level of protection.

Will Smart Permanent Coatings help with insulation value?

No exterior coating will actually “insulate your home”. The coating would have to be extremely thick and wouldn’t look very nice. However, we do go around the home and seal up any cracks, crevices, nail pops etc. According to HUD, air infiltration is the leading cause of heating and cooling loss. This pre-coating treatment will aid in preventing air infiltration.

Can this product be used on manufactured homes?

Yes. ‘Smart Permanent Coatings’ can be applied successfully to most any surface.

What bonds the Smart Permanent Coatings to wood?

After cleaning the wood, we apply Bonding Agent. It penetrates the surface and acts as an adhesive to permanently adhere the ‘Smart Permanent Coatings’.

What colors are available?

Unlike vinyl siding that is typically offered in only 7 or 8 colors, Smart Permanent Coatings is available in over 1500 colors. We can also “Custom Match” any sample.

How long will Smart Permanent Coatings last?

Smart Permanent Coatings comes with a limited Lifetime, Non Pro-Rated, Transferable Warranty. (See Warranty for details) our product is warranted against all of the problems typically associated with paint and vinyl siding. A warranty will be presented to you for inspection during your free estimate.

Can you only do the trim work and porch rails?

Yes. ‘Smart Permanent Coatings’ can be applied to any paintable surface

How thick is the Smart Permanent Coatings?

Smart Permanent Coatings is over 10 times the thickness of ordinary house paint.

Can you use this product on historic homes that are in historic districts?

Yes, we have coated many beautiful historic homes. Not only does our product restore them to their original splendor, it also protects them forever. Do verify the legality and rules of your specific Historical District.

How does Smart Permanent Coatings look on Stucco?

When we use our product on Stucco it still looks like Stucco. If we put it on brick it still retains the shape and texture of brick. Smart Permanent Coatings is ideal for the homeowner who wants to preserve and protect the texture of their home.

Can it be applied to vertical siding?

Yes. Smart Permanent Coatings can be applied over any paintable surface.


Do you offer ceramic microspheres?

Independent testing agencies have not found proof that ceramics do anything to save energy in a home. If our customer requests ceramic microspheres, we will add them at a slightly increased cost, but we do no recommend adding costly features with no merit.

Can you only do the trim work and porch rails?

Yes. Smart Permanent Coatings can be applied to any paintable surface.

What preparation is needed before applying Smart Permanent Coatings?

While some surfaces call for unique preparation, typically we start by replacing any bad siding. Afterward we scrape any peeling paint or growth. Some feather sanding may be necessary. We then follow with cleaning the surface with a special chemical that is environmentally safe and helps to open the pores of the substrate or previous paint. If mildew is present we treat the area affected with another environmentally safe chemical that doesn’t just white the mildew like chlorine bleach does, but actually kills the mildew for good. After preparation, the home or building is ready for the bonding process.

How long does the application take?

While some jobs can be completed in as little as three days, most homes can be completed within 5 working days.

Can you apply Smart Permanent Coatings over swollen Hardboard?

If the hardboard is swollen, that might be a sign of deterioration. We replace any defective siding during our preparation stage. Siding panels are matched and then blended in so it doesn’t have the appearance of being replaced.

Can you install over cinderblock?

Yes. Our product looks very nice over cinderblock. It appears to smooth the sharp edges as well.

Do you caulk windows & doors?

Yes. We use a high quality elastomeric sealant which expands and contracts with the house to ensure a tighter seal and less air infiltration.

Can Smart Permanent Coatings be applied over existing siding?

Yes, in fact, most vinyl or aluminum siding looks better than it did when it was new.

Do you repair any wood rot before application?

Yes. It is very important to have a sound surface to adhere the Smart Permanent Coatings.

Do you remove rain gutters first?

Each situation can be unique. One may choose to remove and return the rain gutters, but they take on certain risk of future leaks depending on the conditions. Some homeowners choose to have the gutters themselves coated with our product. If for example, your gutters were rusted and/or leaking, you may choose to have the gutters removed and then install new gutters after the Smart Permanent Coatings is applied to the fascia.

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