All Inclusive Process

There are many ways in which Smart Permanent Coatings is superior to a traditional paint job, and one of those ways is the detailed process which we embark upon for every client. This includes everything from multiple inspections to exterior repairs, all to ensure we can deliver you a beautiful home at the end of the process.

Read on to discover one of the biggest differences between us and our painting competitors – an exceptional level of detail oriented service.

1. Home Inspection

The first phase is the thorough inspection of your home’s exterior. Learn more.

2. Pressure Cleaning

The next phase involves extensive preparation of your home, including a water pressure deep cleansing of the surface with our special solution of environmentally safe ingredients. This removes all dirt and contaminants and treats to remove mold and mildew. Learn more.

3. Carpentry

Installers then thoroughly re-inspect the home for any carpentry repairs and locate all the areas that will require application of our high-quality, flexible sealant. Learn more.

4. Scraping         

We scrape and repair wherever necessary to ensure we can apply a nice, even coat to a surface free of mildew, mold, or other imperfections. Learn more.

5. Exclusive Sealant

We use a high-quality sealant to ensure any cracks or imperfections in your home’s exterior are addressed prior to coating. Learn more.

6. Exclusive Bonding Agent                   

After the home is sealed, we then apply our bonding agent. It acts as a glue to achieve permanent adhesion for your Smart Permanent Coating. Learn more.

7. More Than 1,500 Colors

The final phase involves applying the Smart Permanent Coating, in your color, to a precise coverage thickness (10 times thicker than paint). Learn more.

8. Clean-up and Final Walk Around

Installers then clean the work area, leaving your home as it was, but with a brand new exterior finish that will last and last. Learn more.

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