How It Works

Smart Permanent Coatings is specially formulated with what manufacturers call “micro-clad” technology. The pigment molecules in the coating are encapsulated to create a weatherproof shield that in turn provides high performance acrylic protection for your home. As it dries, it cures to a thickness 10 times greater than paint. The final finish is tough and features a satin-like shine. It is also waterproof and bridges small cracks and crevices while maintaining the natural beauty and character of wood, brick, stucco, etc.

It’s virtually maintenance-free, beautiful and durable, and you can rely on it staying that way for many years to come. If it gets dirty, feel free to power wash it to bring back its lustrous finish, something you can’t do even with an expensive paint job.

Furthermore, even as our product serves to protect and beautify the exterior of your home, it uniquely preserves the character and charm of the surface materials. Stucco still looks like stucco; brick still looks like brick. Smart Permanent Coatings can be safely and effectively applied to virtually any vertical surface, including wood, aluminum siding, stucco, brick, vinyl siding and cinder block.

Smart Permanent Coatings will also preserve and beautify not just your exterior walls and trim, but also your porch railings and spindles, soffits, fascia, doors, pillars, columns – every part of your home that would otherwise require regular painting!

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